Software Development

Technology is used in everyone’s daily life from schools to old age homes, from bakeries to factories. Software development has become an essential service that can help any business or person work faster and more efficiently.


Applications can support many platforms to reach a wider range of users. In many cases an application is limited to a single platform due to budgetary constraints and in others an application might be best suited on only one or two platforms based on the functionality. For example a tracking app might be best suited to mobile platforms whereas a point of sale application might be more suited to a desktop environment.

Software Development Pricing

The first thing to consider when an app is designed is the budget. Each app is carefully designed and developed around the customers budget. Prices can vary greatly depending on the complexity and functionality of each app. Developing for multiple platforms will require more time thus cost more. Prices can range anywhere from R5000 to R500 000. 

Development Stack

We use technologies that have a wide range of versatility and applications. Not all technologies can support multiple platforms that is why we adapt our development stack to each project to best suit the requirements and functionality.

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